Get Yourself Informed

The worst creditor to have is a loan shark because he will physically hurt you if you don’t pay. The Government, whether it be the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) or the Indiana Department of Revenue (“IDR”), is the second (2nd) worst creditor to have.

If you have delinquent Federal or Indiana taxes, then the most common mistake that you can make is to ignore the problem and hope that you will be forgotten and that the problem will simply go away. The IRS and the IDR have long memories, neither simply forgets, and such tax delinquency problems do not just go away. The IRS and the IDR will use every means possible to make you pay.

Failure to voluntarily pay your delinquent Federal or Indiana taxes will result in the: (i) filing of liens against your property; and (ii) seizure of your wages, bank accounts, real estate, business assets, etc.

However, even the most hopeless of tax delinquency problems, Federal or Indiana, can be resolved via a variety of administrative options. It is imperative that you take advantage of the administrative options available and take the appropriate steps to proactively resolve your delinquent Federal or Indiana taxes.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Below are various Federal and Indiana tax collection topics that may be relevant and/or of interest to you. Tax collection matters are very complicated and educating yourself to better understand the issues involved and the resolution process is recommended.