Providing Favorable Resolutions to Your Federal and Indiana Tax Problems

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Providing favorable resolutions to your Federal and Indiana tax problems.

Status Check

Status Check

When the extent of the problem is unknown or unclear, we provide transcript review to determine filing status, statutes of limitation, and enforced collection activity.

Enforced Collection

Enforced Collection

When you have tax delinquencies, we assess your options, provide guidance, and develop strategies such as penalty abatement, currently not collectible, installment agreement, and offer in compromise.

Liens & Levies

Liens & Levies

When a lien or levy has been filed, we assess your options, provide guidance, and develop strategies such as discharge, subordination, release, or withdrawal.

Taxpayer Advocate

Taxpayer Advocate

When the Government is unresponsive or uncooperative, we can formally file for assistance and relief through an independent office.


We understand the challenges and the intimidating process that lies ahead.  Don’t begin your journey to resolution without educating yourself first.  Our free guide will address some common questions you may have about the tax collection process as well as point out the most common mistake that people make.

Take a few moments to download our free guide and arm yourself with the information you need to move toward obtaining a favorable resolution to your tax problem.

Our Unique Approach to Your Case

Custom Solutions to Each Individual Case.

When your financial future or livelihood is on the line, you can’t trust just anyone to help you.  Partner with the trusted name, with years of experience, in resolving tax problems.  Not every attorney, accountant, or other tax professional is equipped with the knowledge and experience you need to obtain a favorable resolution to your tax problem.  Can you afford to partner with someone who lacks the experience in producing significant results for clients?

Our clients trust our expertise and guidance, and work with us because we have a proven track record of success.  Tax problems can often become a complicated mess.  Our team helps to simplify the process and works to obtain a favorable resolution.

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